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Kasami-Sensei posted these incredibly awesome Walking Dead mashups on DeviantArt based on original Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks characters. The princesses channel badass, zombie-fighting alter egos alongside their princes and other characters from animated films in the art series. And while you might question if Ariel's bikini top would make the ideal zombie-fighting attire, Maleficent wielding a chainsaw is pretty dead-on. 


This minibook contains 32 pages and beautifully illustrated artwork by Kasami-Sensei. The finished book size is approximately 2 1/4" x 2 14/16" closed. 


All books are made by hand once order is placed. Sturdy double cardstock cover, professional binding to allow flexibility over the years, and premium paper for all pages. Ribbon hanger can be added as well. Choices available at checkout.


Images Copyright © 2014 Kasami-Sensei. Book layout and cover art design Copyright © 2