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A Little About Me

Hey there, it’s great to meet you. My name is Mindy. I’m medically disabled and keep myself busy creating beautiful, useful, and functional projects in many artistic mediums.

I'm currently engaged to be married in August 2021 and so excited. Between my fiancé and I we have five children, two grandchildren and a new grandchild due in July 2021. All adult children with the exception of his 10-year-old daughter. As you can imagine, our lives stay pretty busy and full of love.

We have three dogs. The eldest is his retired police K9 named Jocobo. He a Belgian Malinois. My male wolf hybrid named Juno. And last, but not least, my female mini dachshund named Wriglee. They, of course, add to our busy, love-filled lives.

My artistic mediums consist of quilting, embroidery, pyrography, photography, quilling, epoxy projects, puzzles, graphic design, file format conversions, jewelry design, vinyl, and more. I am self taught in nearly everything I do. I like to keep myself learning something new as often as I can. Keeps my mind fresh.

if there is anything I can assist you with don’t hesitate to ask. I love a challenge but I’m not afraid to tell you I can’t do something and happy to assist you in finding someone who can. I’m not in the business of just taking your money and providing poor products. I’m a perfectionist at heart and provide the highest quality end result or I’ll help find someone who can for you.

Let me know what I can do for you.


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